Hi Guys, Today in this post we are talking about the BGMI 1.4 Potato Graphics Configuration File and How to install that file in your BGMI folder.

So Guys If you have 2 GB, 3 GB or 4 GB Mobile RAM and in your BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) Getting Lag and you have to fix the lag with Potato Graphics. This Article will help you improve your High Level gaming experience.

This Potato Graphic works easily on Android 7 for Android 11 devices. I had already tried this configuration file on Realme, Oppo, Vivo and Samsung Devices

Steps to Configure Potato Graphics

  • Download the How to Password Protected file

Password: abunepero

  • Unzip the cover and open it

After Extracting the File you will see two files here. Now go to First File BGMI & PUBG.

Now you have to select which mobile PUBG you are using then I am using BGMI. I must select the BGMI folder.

Now Go to Enjoy Folder

  • Copy the desired File
  • Paste the file into Android + Data + Folder BGMI India (com.pubg.imobile)
  • Go to Files + UE4Game + Extra Shadow Tracker + Extra Shadow Tracker + Saved + Config + Android
  • Then paste this file here.

Now go to the Paks Copy folder

  • Copy the file
  • Paste Pak File in android + data + com.pubg.imobile
  • Go to Files + UE4Game + Extra Shadow Tracker + Extra Shadow Tracker + Saved + Paks
  • paste the paks file into that folder
  • Take advantage

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If you have any other tricks How to get a potato graphic in Bgmi 1.4. Please comment below with your Tricks With Technical Works

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