Break This Major Royal Tradition

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  • This is beautiful.

    Prince Harry’s wedding year is just another example of how reality makes its rules, in a good way. You see that his ring differs from other real men in many subtle but significant ways.

    First of all, she opted for a brushed platinum ring, a modern band that is simple and has a light opaque finish. This is a bit of a departure from the royal tradition, as brides and grooms usually opt for wedding rings made of Welsh gold.

    This tradition would have started with the Queen’s parents, and since then most members of the royal family have had bands made with the same gold nuggets from the Clogau St.David gold mine, Dolgellau, Wales.

    Perhaps it will pave the way for this cousin, since Princess Beatrice’s wedding ring was also created from a different metal.

    Another reason why Prince Harry’s wedding ring is different from other real men’s is that he actually wears one. In fact, Prince William does not wear a wedding ring, nor does Prince Charles, who prefers to wear a sign ring on his pink finger.

    A palace aide at the time said of William: ‘He’s not one for jewelry. He never wore it. He decided he didn’t want to wear it now. It all depends on personal preferences. ‘

    And when you look at the pictures of his brother Harry, you realize that he is often fiddling with his ring, a sign perhaps that he is not quite accustomed to the band sitting here.

    He is thought to have broken with this tradition as a show of support and love for his wife, Meghan Markle, who we must admit is truly romantic.

    The Prince is part of a group of jewelers, still wearing his favorite bracelet, which was photographed in 2001.

    Although it has not been confirmed, it is thought that he bought or received it as a gift during a trip to Africa with his brother and father, shortly after losing his mother, Princess Diana.

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