How Instagram changes fashion and how we buy it

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  • I’ve always wondered how to become a fashion influencer in it Instagram, or how to create your own store? From spotting trends to creating more challenging content, Layla Amjadi, Director of Product Management at Facebook, gives us the talk on how you can make the most of the social media platform, and what exciting launches are at come over.

    When did fashion really start to disappear on Instagram?

    When we started on Instagram, it was definitely open to whatever the community wanted to use most creatively. And fashion made it seem like a vertical that the community was meeting pretty soon. I joined Instagram about seven years ago. One of the first things I worked on when I was working on Explore, at the time when Explora was over the popular page was a feature around events. And one of the first events we actually did, the first event we did for real-time curation was New York Fashion Week.

    It’s really what set the earth for us to be able to even do business, right, because we build around what we call latent demand. We build around where people try to use the product. And all the relationships that people had developed with brands and influencers over the years, lend themselves naturally to business activities. And that’s where we got it later.

    Users are now turning to Instagram for fashion trends that they can buy. Was it an organic process?

    Yes, absolutely. We, in general, are always looking to see how people try to use Instagram, and how we can make it easier. Let’s say you come for your friends, but stay for your interests (90% of people on Instagram follow at least one company). And fashion is such an interest. Because the content that these fashion brands share is so visual, it has become a place where people come to take ideas. So it was really nice to watch. And also, that set the stage for Instagram shopping.

    What percentage of users use shopping carts?

    250 million people use shops or visit shops every month. And this is on Instagram and Facebook. I think you only talk when you build for what the community wants, you know what the brands want, which was an easy way to answer the question of, “this is the bag you’re asking me”. And when you build something for people that helps them answer their question at that moment, or helps them more easily showcase, as we call it, magic happens. And so we’re really excited to see how both the acquaintances, the Instagram shopping community, and the Instagram commute brand have gravitated around these tools.

    What does a brand have to do to stand out?

    First, use all the tools we have at your disposal to communicate who you are, authentically. By communicating naturally who you are in authenticity and consistently, you will attract the best community for you and your brand. Then you want to present it for them, like for a friend. For example, I am a great brand evangelist Kylie Skin. I love their moisturizer and am always happy to share and tag the brand.

    I really love it when you send me a heartfelt thank you. Either when they take the time to respond to comments, or there is Q&A, the interaction between brands and the community is so critical to stand out.

    How can you stand out as a fashion influencer?

    You know, we just launched alpha affiliate tool in the United States, and that’s something intrinsically commercial, the affiliate links carry with them a commission. But especially in those conversations, the influencers I talk to are really concerned about authenticity. They have built their community out of being authentic, their community relies on them for recommendations in which they believe.

    Influencers are really excited about Instagram’s many brands, and the likelihood of being able to find and amplify it, and evangelize a whole new set of products that they really really love and find in their closet, or are in their beauty bag, it’s really high.
    In general, consistency around content is key. What do you talk about day in and day out with your community? They follow you, because they have a kind of knowledge that they want to gain. And then over time, they also want to learn more about you and behind the scenes. So these different formats that we have, whether it’s feed feeds, or stories, have a different vibe to them. You can use these different formats to express beauty to the person who keeps your profile and wants to consider following you and then telling stories about your brunch on your weekend with your friends to someone who has become invested in you as well. , as a human being beyond beauty.

    What is the future of fashion and shopping on Instagram?

    One of the gaps we saw on the market was that people came to Instagram to fill this gap around what we call window shopping. Go shopping on a street with your friends, maybe buy something, maybe not, maybe revisit that shoe. But it is bought as a hobby in itself. And that’s the gap we’re now starting to fill with the business card.

    On Instagram, we call your own personalized mall. It’s a great area investment for us, and will continue to be this year. So a lot more features that come here and make it a lot more personalized and fun. Our belief is that if we do our jobs well, most people will probably end up discovering brands, and products or other people on Instagram.

    There are so many options. As I am Persian, following a Persian influencer, we have the same eye color and hair color. So if I find a red lipstick that works for her, it might work for me. And that really restricts it for me. And so I’m really excited to help people discover products more easily through tools like affiliates and designer businesses.

    Another area that is an ongoing priority for us is on-site Checkout, the ability to shop without having to leave the app. We are currently available for all businesses in the US to use on-site payment and it is now available for a small number of stores in the UK as a test. Now that I have my credit card archived on Instagram, it makes it a lot easier for me to get more of the things I like.

    I’m really excited about what we can do around the fashion reconsideration for both the brand and the buyer. You may see a trench for fall / winter but don’t want to buy it right away and take the time to think about it. When you look at these products from your feed, you’ll find yourself with friends who do so many other things, Instagram will help you find the article later.

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