How to Increase RAM on Oppo Android Phone

Hi guys in this post we will discuss about How to increase ram in oppo Android Phone. If you use your phone quickly and make multi-tasking losses but due to Low RAM you can’t do fast things on your Android phone.

In today’s world it is virtual RAM. Now you have questions about what is virtual RAM.

What is virtual RAM?

In your you have internal memory which we call ROM. This ROM only converts to RAM. thus the concept of virtual RAM is clear.

This virtual RAM is seen in OPPO Android smartphone which can be expanded up to 5 GB and the minimum expandable is 2 GB. Suppose you guys have 4 or 6 GB of RAM and you have to increase your RAM.

So with the help of Virtual RAM you can increase your RAM in your Android OPPO smartphone. So let’s start How to increase RAM in oppo.

How to increase RAM in Oppo Smartphone

  • App Open Setting
  • Go to About Phone
  • Click on RAM
  • Now Click on the RAM expansion
  • Now there is the option of 2GB, 3GB and 5GB
  • Increase the RAM by any option and RAM is Extended in your device.

How to View RAM is Increased or Not

Now you have to go to Recent Task.

Click on Two Points

oppo ram increase

Now click on the third manage option

Enable the RAM / Memory information display for the recent task.

grow the ram in oppo

So if you open background app you will see that the RAM grows. This is possible only through the virtual memory from which you can expand your RAM in the Oppo phone.

And now you don’t feel a commitment on your Android smartphone and it is the easiest method to increase the RAM in your Android smart phone.

So friends can now enjoy your versatility or play high graphics games as well BGMI very well with your friends. Share this trick with your friends.

If you have more tricks to increase RAM, please suggest us in comment below.

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