It turns out that Meghan Markle was in one of our favorite shows for teenage noughties

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  • Meghan Markle participated in the successful American drama Tute like Rachel for seven years, with fans of the show knowing her name more than her husband, Prince Harry.

    However, for those of us who weren’t avid viewers, the 39-year-old only entered our radar after his relationship status was confirmed – and Heghan’s mania followed.

    After years of learning all there is to know about our future princess, the audience is pretty guessed – from watching her speech at the UN women’s conference to spanning all her past film credits and TV.

    From roles in Remember me to Horrible bosses, Meghan certainly had her fair share of roles in the film, but most of her work was of course on TV, with Meghan appearing in CSI, General Hospital and also Deal or No Deal (yes, really !!), out of Tute.

    But the excitement culminated when eyeball fans have signaled that our Duchess may have appeared on our screens much sooner than I remember, with the 39-year-old actress making an appearance in one of our favorite shows for teenagers of all time – 90210.

    Yes, really.

    For those of you who have watched CW’s 90210, this is about to blow your mind.

    Do you remember Annie Wilson who had hit Ethan Ward “in the act” in her car with a mysterious brunette in the first episode, after announcing to be “Wendy”? Well, it was Meghan Markle.

    While Meghan wasn’t a major role – she played Wendy for two episodes in the first season – she also made an appearance in our favorite teen show to make her one of the most beautiful of the royal family.

    We’re not sure how happy Meghan will be when the cameo is reborn, but luckily she makes us love her even more!

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